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Opal Sakura Muya


The artist behind both Muya and Rinkaku is Frogtree/CORE Kashi, who designs, sculpts, and produces her toys in Japan.

Opal Sakura Muya boasts a special milky color-shifting vinyl that is infused with iridescent sparkles that shift between pink and green hues. To showcase this stunning effect, a considerable amount of vinyl has been left visible, while fluorescent rainbow gradients and sakura-shaped cut-outs have been highlighted on the chest and stomach to create a dazzling appearance when the toy is held up to a light source.

Muya features six points of articulation, making it extremely posable. The exclusive use of vinyl paints and a glossy vinyl coating allows it to be freely played with and posed without any worries of the paint being damaged.

Measuring approximately 8.5" in length, 5.5" in height, and 3" in width, Muya is an exquisite piece that looks great when displayed from any angle or posed with other toys.

Only 7 pieces will be available in this limited release.

Please note that your Muya will be shipped out within 3-4 days of placing your order.